As a result of Maior’s vast client and industry partner network, we can provide consultative assistance beyond customary service lines. Maior approaches the analysis of our client’s operations as a vested business partner, engaging the client as a consultative team with the wisdom, expertise, and resources to ensure that the program goals and objectives are consistently met and that these programs evolve in line with the client’s long-term business plans.

As a consultative partner, Maior evaluates the client’s requirements and monitors labor market changes to design and modify its solutions around the client’s progressing needs. The result is a well-crafted program staffed with professionals fluent in cultivating the strategies and resources necessary to execute a policy and technology infrastructure that supports the communications, collaboration, consistent control, and visibility needed to satisfy the key functional areas to success:

  • SWOT analysis
  • Program and policy design
  • Business Development
  • Master contract terms and pricing
  • Individual laborer requisitioning
  • Time tracking and approvals
  • Invoice consolidation and reconciliation
  • SGA analysis and assessments
  • Supplier and laborer performance measurements

Maior’s solutions will re-shape your company and will result in a greater level of productivity and value through the following best practices:

  • Identifying a broader range of qualified candidates
  • Improve staff retention
  • Shrinking indiscriminate labor spending
  • Ensuring a set of universal terms and conditions with all staffing suppliers
  • Reducing individual candidate sourcing and hiring cycles
  • Shortening invoice reconciliation and payment process cycles
  • Reducing process costs
  • Mitigating employment, compliance, and auditing risks (i.e., Sarbanes-Oxley)
  • Delivering superior analytics on spend and rate trends