Whether a large multi-national corporation or a small U.S. business employer, those wishing to expand their current operations are more often looking to the large global talent pool for specialized talent. We take pride in assisting our clients in the development of a comprehensive strategic business plan related to the employment of foreign nationals, by attracting, recruiting and retaining professionals.

Maior Logistics’s in-house Non-Immigrant and Immigrant Visa expertise allows us to deliver a seamless comprehensive overseas recruitment solution.  We can assist employers with obtaining Visas and employment authorizations required to transfer Executives, Managers, Key Personnel, and New Hires to the United States, including the preparation, filing and management of all types of Non-Immigrant and Immigrant Visa applications in many Visa categories.

Likewise, we provide the same level of guidance to individual professionals looking to expand their careers and their skill-sets.  We oversee compliance and credentialing, ensuring a comprehensive and thorough screening process.

Let us develop an employment-based immigration solution that can accommodate your diverse and evolving recruiting and retention goals.

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